I am Pat Nelson, a teacher at FNSS in School District #81, Fort Nelson, BC.

In 2022-23 I am teaching Web Development, Business Computing, Robotics, Physics 11 and 12, Workplace Math 11, and Math 8.

I am involved in our school robotics team, and do community science shows under the name Mr. Dr. Professor.

I was born in Vernon, but spent my first 12 years living on Haida Gwaii. In 1997 my family moved to Cranbrook, I graduated from Mt. Baker High School there in 2003. After a few years of work and travel I went to the University of Ottawa to complete my Bachelor's in Science (Specialization in Math). I did my education training at the University of Victoria and hold a Master's of Math for Teachers from the University of Waterloo.

In 2014 I got married and in 2015 I became a father. I run, hike and cross-country ski. I enjoy gardening, reading, and cooking.

Picture of Pat Nelson as Mr. Dr. Professor

All current classes are hosted on the Google Classroom.

Past Courses

Physics 12


Chemistry 12

Second semester 2016-2017

Chemistry 11

First semester 2016-2017

Math 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace

Notes from 2013 offering of the course organized by standards.

Science 8

Notes from the 2012 offering of the course,

E-mail: pnelson@sd81.bc.ca