Infotech 11-12

Welcome to the website for Infotech 10-12.

Course Outline

Your grade will be based on your log, Conferences, and Portfolios

Each day you will record what you achieved that day in a google calender. Every two weeks you will take part in a conference where you show what you have been working on.


Command Line (Terminal)

  • Codeacademy: Complete the short lesson on using the command line. This will make everything else much easier.



Mobile Apps


Suggested starting point

Dash: by generalassemby A nice introduction to webdesign

  • Freecode camp:
    • Create an GitHub account and use it to create a FreeCode Camp account
    • Complete the "HTM5 and CSS" section
    • Complete the "Responsive Design with Bootstrap" section
    • Complete the "jQuery" section

Suggested project

  • Create a website and upload it to the schools website. Some possibe ideas:
    • A tribute page to someone or something you think is important
    • A website for a made up company
    • A website for a made up restaurant
    • A website to teach some skill
    • A clone of an existing website

Hardware and Networking

Configure PC

Create a network of several PC computers

Arduino Project

Digital Media


Fusion 360