Infotech 8

Course Outline

To create a account, follow the this link and create an account. You will create a user name of your choice, select Infotech 8 -A for class, then set a password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO AND SHOULD NOT give your first or last name.

You will receive two marks for your typing at the end of the year, one mark (out of 200) will be based on your typing speed with 40 wpm = 100%. The other mark will be based on how many of the lessons your completed with all beginner and at least 3 intermediate = 100%

Word Processing

Shortcuts: Try out a variety of keyboard shortcuts which will make you much more effective, explain what each does. Save your file as a file titled "word1_YOURNAME.docx" and submit. (100 marks)

Basics Create a document which shows off your knowledge of word processing. Save your file as "word2_YOURNAME.docx" and submit. (100 marks)

Howto Create a document in which you will create a help guide for Word. Save your file as "word3_YOURNAME.docx" and submit. (100 marks)

Styles Create a document and format it using styles. Save your files as a zip archive called "" It should contain three files named. "word4_YOURNAME_1.docx", "word4_YOURNAME_2.docx", and "word4_YOURNAME_3.docx" and submit. (100 marks)


Basics Create a PowerPoint document following the directions in the assignment. Save your file as a PowerPoint file tited "powerpoint1_YOURNAME.pptx" and submit (100 marks)

Internet Safety Create a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation on the subject of internet safety. Save your file as a PowerPoint file titled "powerpoint2_YOURNAME.pptx" and submit (150 marks)

I learned Create a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation about something you learned in the past year. Save your file as a PowerPoint file titled "powerpoint3_YOURNAME.pptx" and submit (150 marks)


Chair Build a chair using the information in this guide. Save your file as sketchup1_YOURNAME.skp. (50 marks)

House Design a house. It needs to have at least

  • 3 windows and a door
  • a yard

See video for ideas. Save your file as sketchup2_YOURNAME.skp (150 marks)

Household items Design a household item. It should be very detailed. Save your files as sketchup3_YOURNAME.skp (150 marks)

Last project. For this project you have three options. You only need to do ONE of these three optons. Save your file is sketchup4_YOURNAME.skp (150 marks)

  1. Design a dream bedroom
  2. Design a robot
  3. Design a vehicle (either real or science fictiony)

Computer Programming

Human computer: Create a word document which describes in a step by step manner (use a numbered list) how do each of the three tasks in the assignment. Save as Programming1_YOURNAME.docx (50 points)

Calculator: Create a "cat calculator" in Scratch, submit as scratch1_YOURNAME.sb2. (100 marks)

Guessing game Create a guessing game in Scratch

  • Cat chooses a random number between 1-100
  • Asks you to guess
  • Gives hint (higher/lower)
  • Repeats until you get the right number
submit as scratch2 _YOURNAME.sb2.

Movement Create a pickup object game in Scratch.

  • Move the cat using arrow keys
  • There are 5 "objects"
  • When the cat touches the objects they disappear
  • When all objects have disappeared screen clears and says "You win"
submit as scratch3 _YOURNAME.sb2.

Clicking Create a clicking moving objects game in Scratch.

  • There are 5 "objects" moving around the screen (bouncing off the walls and each other)
  • When you click one it freezes and changes it's costume.
  • When you click one the others speed up (making it harder to click them)
  • There is a timer
  • If you click all 5 in the designated time all objects dissapear and screen clears and says "You Win"
  • If you do not click all 5 in the designated time all objects dissapear and the screen clears and says "You Lose"
submit as scratch4 _YOURNAME.sb2.


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