Tuesday, September 7: Introduction

Wednesday, September 8: Scientific Notation and Unit Analysis

Thursday, September 9: SI Units

Friday, September 10: Density

Monday, September 14: Density

Tuesday, September 15: Density Lab/Safety

Wednesday, September 16: Lab Writeup

Thursday, September 17: Sig Figs

Friday, September 18: Sig Figs

Monday, September 21: Working in the chem lab

Tuesday, September 22: Characteristics of matter

Wednesday, September 23: Recognizing Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Thursday, September 24: Separation of Substances

Friday, September 25: Separation of a Mixture by Paper Chromatography

Monday, September 28: Chemical vs Physical Changes

Tuesday, September 29: Writeing formulas and naming ionic compounds

Wednesday, September 30: Naming Hydrates and Covalent Compounds

Thursday, October 1: Naming and Formulas Practice

Friday, October 2: The Mole introduction

Monday, October 5: The Mole

Tuesday, October 6: Molar Volume

Wednesday, October 7: Parent Teacher Interview

Thursday, October 8: Calculations

Friday, October 9: Percentage Composition and Formulae

Monday, October 12: Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 13: Emperical and Molecular Formulae

Wednesday, October 14: Molar Concentration

Thursday, October 15: Molar Concentration

Friday, October 16: Dilutions

Monday, October 19: Mole Review

Tuesday, October 20: Investigating Mass Changes

Wednesday, October 21: Writing chemical equations

Thursday, October 22: Types of reactions

Friday, October 23: Types of Chemical Reactions

Monday, October 26: Types of Reactions

Tuesday, October 27: Stoichiometry

Wednesday, October 28: Stoichiometry

Thursday, October 29: Stoichiometry:Molar Concentration

Friday, October 30: Titration Lab

Monday, November 2: Review

Tuesday, November 3: Stoichiometry

Wednesday, November 4: Formal Writeup

Thursday, November 5: Excess Quantities and Percent Yield

Friday, November 6: Excess Quantities and Percent Yield

Monday, November 9th - Friday November 20th: Working on project in library

Monday, November 23: Finish Project

Tuesday, November 24: Presentations and Atomic Basics

Wednesday, November 25: Periodic Table Trends

Thursday, November 26: Presentations

Friday, November 27: Valence and Ionization energy

Monday, November 30: Ionic Bonds

Tuesday, December 1: Covalent Bonds

Wednesday, December 2: Lewis Structures

Thursday, December 3: Lewis Structures

Friday, December 4: Chemical Families

Monday, December 7: Solutions

Tuesday, December 8: Conductivity and Molecular Polarity

Wednesday, December 9: Hydrogen Bonds

Thursday, December 10: Polar and nonpolar Solvents Lab

Friday, December 11: Polar and nonpolar Solvents

Monday, December 14: Ions in Solution

Tuesday, December 15: Concentrations of Ions

Wednesday, December 16: LAB

Thursday, December 17: Last day talent show

Friday, December 18: Christmas Break